Raw Shorts Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons
May 2, 2022

Raw Shorts Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Raw Shorts Review 2022 Price Features Pros Cons

In this detailed Raw Shorts review, you will find the unique features of this tool that will help you decide if it’s worth the time and effort. You can also check the pricing structure and see if it fits your budget.

Raw Shorts is software that helps us create basic and simple animated videos using text. It is a flexible video creation tool widely recommended by video makers. You can create high-quality videos using Raw Shorts’s DIY method, which is totally free.

What do you get with this tool?

You can create high-quality professional videos if you have basic computer knowledge. In terms of graphics and text customization, Raw Shorts gives you a lot of flexibility. Basic computer skills can help you become a top-notch video producer with the help of Raw Shorts.

Let me tell you how to use the software.

  • Go to Raw Shorts Official Site: www.rawshorts.com
  • Click on Sign up and create your account for free.
  • Choose from options to create it from scratch or customize a video template. (Although they will both redirect you to the same page where you will see the same options)
  • Select one of the categories for your project.
  • The ready-made templates related to the category you have chosen will appear.

If you choose the infographic and select one of the free templates, you will be able to play the video and see if you like it or not. If you don’t like it, you can also EDIT TEMPLATE.

You will be able to edit the entire title template, add or remove scenes from the video, and change the time and duration of each video and scene.

You can also change the color of each scene, along with the image that comes into each scene. Finally, you can save your project and you can also share it on various social media platforms like YouTube and others.


  • YouTube setup– You can create intro videos for YouTube channels.
  • Existing multimedia storage: Raw Shorts has over 50 media libraries in its memory.
  • Storage capacity 100 GB: Raw Shorts has a storage capacity of up to 100GB.
  • Ultra resolution: Raw Shorts brings you Full HD 1080P resolution
  • Compatible with HTML5: Raw Shorts has HTML5 builder
  • All video formats included: This software integrates all video formats.
  • Variety of models: You can choose from a variety of text templates according to your needs.
  • Pre-existing animated models– You can use animated logo templates created for users.
  • Video Templates: You can use video templates used by professionals and experts in your industry.
  • Easy uploading and trimming of videos: You can upload your own video clips and even crop them with ease.
  • Drag and drop functionality for media: You can add transitions, media and text to videos with the drag and drop feature, which is quite convenient.
  • Setup with social media app: You can easily download files, export them and share them on social media sites like YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.


Raw Shorts comes with three types of plans: Free Trial for Beginners, Essential ($ 39 per month), and Business ($ 59 per month). Read more to learn about the pricing structure of the application here:

Free trial for beginners:

The free trial version for beginners is a free trial package where you can get 5 non-premium export tools. It also offers 480p resolution, standard video format (16: 9). Free trial comes with watermark and outro.

Essential $ 39 per month:

This plan comes with services like 25 premium exports per month. It also offers 1080p resolution, social video (1: 1 and vert.) And third party transfer rights. Along with these features, the app also provides 10 licensed video clips per month.

Business $ 59 per month:

This is an advanced package which includes the best features of this app. Includes 50 premium exports per month, 1080p resolution, social video (1: 1 & vert), third party transfer rights, and 20 licensed video clips per month.

Pros and Cons of Raw Shorts:

The app has classic templates Manual creation of the video is required
It is quick to use and easy to understand Not recommended for template-based video editing
Raw Shorts has the most potential compared to other products on the market Raw Shorts does not provide support to its users
The AI ​​of this application is actually quite good at taking text and generating a video You need to constantly save your work as it doesn’t save automatically
Great for making short videos An error may occur while rendering the video
Good effects and transition The subscription is quite expensive
High resolution videos can be made via Raw Shorts Fewer features are provided in the trial version of the app

Expert opinion:

Raw Shorts is cloud-based software. This means that it can only be done with the help of the Internet. It is easily accessible from any computer, as long as it has an Internet connection. The videos created by Raw Shorts are beautiful, but they cannot be used for professional level work.

According to Google reviews, Raw Shorts does not have customer support services as the response from live chat is very slow. This leads to problems that are left unsolved. The voice over function lacks the advanced audio editing quality. The software is too expensive for the quality of the service they provide.

If you use the free version, you will get the minimal features of the software. We recommend use this application to make random videos and avoid when it comes to making professional videos.

General evaluation

2.8 / 5

Frequent questions

1. When was Raw Shorts founded?

Raw Shorts was founded in 2013 by Antonio Otalvaro.

2. What is Raw Shorts’ customer base?

The customer base of this animation software includes corporate giants such as American Airlines, Capital One, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nielson, Ocean Spray, Pfizer, and Sony.

Final thoughts

To conclude this Raw Shorts review, we can say that Raw Shorts is one of the simpler software, but it’s not great. This isn’t a bad product for someone who doesn’t have a technical background in video editing. However, someone who has professional video editing skills will not be able to use the product due to its limitations. Therefore, it is not recommended for experienced users for their professional and corporate work.

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