Lumen5 Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons
April 22, 2022

Lumen5 Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Lumen5 Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Video advertising is huge. People around the world spend an average of 6 hours and 45 minutes each week looking at various forms of content. By 2022, Internet traffic from video will account for 82% of all web traffic. This implies that if you haven’t previously been posting video content, you’re missing out.

Lumen5 is a video creation platform intended for brands and organizations to create video content for social posts, stories and promotions. In this Lumen5 review you will find the features, prices and other details of this software. Then, make sure you scroll down to the very end.

What can the software be used for?

Not exclusively offering tools for making videos, Lumen5 offers access to a large number of archival films, photographs and soundtracks. This makes it one of the most convenient tools for creating stunning videos from scratch or editing an existing video to make it even better. The tools provided with this software are easy to use and making animation videos using these is extremely simple.

Difficulty level and learning curve

Lumen5 is extremely easy to use and it doesn’t take more than fifty minutes to get a video out (you can do it a lot faster in case you aren’t fussy, really). The platform is easy to understand. Even if you have no experience with video editing, you will quickly learn about it. No preparation is required.


  • Text on video – Effectively edit articles and blog posts into video content
  • Inbound connection – Essentially, you insert a link to an article or blog post and Lumen5 will naturally bring the content and populate your storyboard.
  • Copy and paste – If your content is in a disconnected archive, reorder the content in Lumen5 to start making your video.
  • Automated workflow – Make recordings in minutes with the help of AI
  • Length of the scene – The length of each scene is powerfully controlled by the structure which depends on the size of the text in each fragment.
  • Situation of the text – The position of the text is judiciously determined based on the organization of the multimedia document you have chosen.
  • Multimedia library – Accessible library with lots of free multimedia documents
  • Video Cuts – Wake up your video with untold expert rating video cuts that can help you tell your story.
  • Still images – Effectively access a huge number of readily available accessible photographs covering a large number of topics.
  • Music library – Browse a large number of free audio recordings and ambient melody tracks sorted by arrangement and classification.
  • Branding options – Edit your recordings to coordinate the look and feel of your image
  • Brand colors – Review one of our preset shades or enter your own hex code to get the perfect shade.
  • Logo and watermark – Transfer your logo and show it towards the end or throughout the video as a watermark.
  • Text style decisions – Peruse an assortment of delightful text styles or transfer your own custom text style record.
  • Video drawings – Update each video to improve execution and change rates
  • Video resolution – You can decide to deliver your recordings at 480p, 720p or 1080p, giving you full authority over video quality and document size.
  • Angular proportion – Render your recordings with a standard 16: 9 scenography, a 1: 1 square arrangement, or a 9:16 vertical arrangement for particular social stages like Instagram.
  • Mailbox style – Enhance your information with a letterbox design that has been backed up by viral image recordings.


Plan your video content creation technique

Community plan

For casual video lovers

What’s included:

  1. 3 registrations every month
  2. Contains Lumen5 watermark
  3. 720p video lens


For Singular Substance Manufacturers ($ 19)

All for free, plus:

  1. 10 registrations every month
  2. No Lumen5 marking
  3. 24/7 live speech support


For experienced video storytellers ($ 59)

Everything in Starter, plus:

  1. 15 registrations every month
  2. 15 million photographs and recordings
  3. Custom colors and styles
  4. 1080p video resolution


For brands focused on reach and development ($ 149)

All in Premium, plus:

  1. Videos every month
  2. 200 million photos and videos
  3. Upload watermark and text style
  4. Multiple brand profiles


For large groups of scope videos (customized)

Everything in Business, in addition to:

  1. Custom number of videos
  2. Shutterstock Libraries
  3. Teams and consents
  4. Training and placement


  • Provides a FREE plan
  • Can create video easily
  • Searchable library with millions of free media files
  • Can add logo & watermark
  • Many Videos Formats Supported
  • Keyword highlighting feature
  • Text to Video convertor


  • Free Plan comes with a lot of limitations

General evaluation

4.6 / 5

Is it worth buying Lumen5?

Lumen5 is an incredible stage for content creators who have no experience with video editing. It is quick and simple to use. If you are well versed with more complicated software like Adobe Premiere Pro or FinalCut Pro, this tool might be a breeze for you. However, since Lumen5 is free, check it out. You never know, it could very well be the right platform for you.

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